Civil Society Organizations Formally Joined the South American Conference on Migration

Lima, Peru, December 11, 2023.- On December 5 and 6, the XXI South American Conference on Migration (CSM) took place in Lima (Peru). The CSM is a regional consultative process, inaugurated in 2000, that annually brings together consular and immigration areas of all the countries of South America with the purpose of debating ideas, sharing good practices, and moving towards a regional migration policy.

This year, the XXI CMS meeting in Lima voted on an addendum to its statute, in order to formally include the participation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the region that work on migration matters. This is a great step, for which the CSOs have been struggling since until now their presence was only as observers.

Four CSOs attended the XXI CMS in Lima: the Asociación Misioneros de San Carlos Scalabrinianos (Perú), the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS, Argentina), the Argentine Commission for Migrants and Refugees (CAREF) and Encuentros – Jesuit Service to Migrants (SJM, Peru) who participated on behalf of twelve regional organizations. In their presentation before the CSM they valued and celebrated the formal incorporation of Civil Society into the space, and expressed: “Our continued presence on migratory routes, on borders, and in territories is the basis of our experience and expertise. Our knowledge and skills are different from those of States and public administrations, but they are complementary. We are certain that we can contribute in a constructive and purposeful manner to the regional dialogue and to the design and implementation of policies that, from a rights perspective, improve the living conditions of migrants.”

Starting with the XXII CMS, which will be held in Colombia in 2024, this sector will be able to contribute its voices and territorial experience in an area of great importance for the promotion and strengthening of the rights of people on mobility in South America.

  • Asociación Misioneros de San Carlos Scalabrinianos – Perú
  • Comisión Argentina para personas Refugiadas y Migrantes / CAREF – Argentina
  • Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales / CELS – Argentina
  • Movimiento Acción Migrante – Chile
  • Observatorio Ciudadano – Chile
  • Servicio Jesuita Migrante – SJM Chile
  • Centro de Estudios Derecho, Justicia y Sociedad – Dejusticia – Colombia
  • Consultoría para los derechos humanos y el desplazamiento – CODHES – Colombia
  • Conectas Direitos Humanos – Brasil
  • Red Sudamericana para las Migraciones Ambientales – RESAMA – Brasil
  • Encuentros Servicio Jesuita a Migrante- SJM Perú
  • Red Jesuita con Migrantes Latinoamérica y el Caribe – (RJM-LAC)