Entrepreneurship Fair for the Migrant and Refugee Population in La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia, June 20, 2021 – Within the framework of the Refugee Week and organized by CONARE, Scalabrini Foundation Bolivia (FUSB), and with the support of UNHCR, an entrepreneurship fair for migrant and the refugee population was held in La Paz Bolivia.

The entrepreneurship fair was held within the framework of World Refugee Day, which is commemorated every June 20. It was a space for meeting, inclusion, and cultural integration that made visible the contribution of the refugee and migrant population to the socio-economic development in Bolivia. Likewise, the event sought to promote the gastronomy and pastries of other countries in the region, integrating flavors of the Bolivian palate.

The fair was inaugurated by the representative of CONARE Claudia Barrionuevo, the director of the FUSB P. Ildo Griz, and Jessica Llorenti, UNHCR Field Associate. The participants expressed allusive words to the date, commemorating and paying tribute to those people who have been forced to leave their country and start from scratch in a new destination.

The institutions and organizations present thanked the Bolivian State for its collaboration and commitment for its work with refugee applicants, refugees, and migrants.

CONARE highlighted the commitment of state institutions such as the Ministry of Cultures, Descolonización y Despatriarcalización, General Directorate of Migration, Ombudsman’s Office, international organizations and civil society, in contributing to the local integration of refugees and migrants in Bolivia.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/FundacionScalabriniBolivia/posts/321176582962118