First Meeting of Returned Migrants in Guatemala City

Guatemala City, Guatemala, August 14, 2018 – On August 12, led by the Avina Foundation, with the #GuateTeIncluye project, the First Meeting of Returned Migrants was held in Guatemala City. #GuateTeIncluye is mechanism between sectors for the social and labor inclusion of returned migrants and where Casa del Migrante Guatemala has been participating and contributing to strengthening this important coordination network.

The objectives of the event were to promote a family coexistence of returned migrants and their families, as well as to recognize the success stories, which through the 3 years of #GuateTeIncluye have been accompanying.

One of the greatest achievements of #GuateTeIncluye has been to help 175 people find jobs in the call center and the construction and hotel industry. In addition, with the mission of the institutions that make up this in between sectors mechanism, it has been possible to accompany several entrepreneurial projects, of which 9 new entrepreneurs presented their projects in this First Meeting, such as footwear, bakery, among others. Work is also underway on a pilot project for the certification of people’s capacities. Progress is being made to strengthen national alliances and form a movement of returned migrant in the country.

Cynthia Loria, Director of the Avina Foundation, called on Guatemala’s private sector to offer opportunities to returned migrants, as a right and because many of the people return with skills to apply for a position and contribute their skills to society.

On the other hand, Fr. Mauro Verzeletti, Director of Casa del Migrante Guatemala and Regional Director of SIMN, gave a reflection on the constitutional right in labor matters and public policies as a right of opportunity. He also stressed that migrants are the subject of the construction of the new citizenship and weavers of a possible new world.


* Photos of Linda de León and Alejandra Altán from Casa del Migrante