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Seminar for Fishers in Donggang Port

Taiwan, March 26, 2022 – On March 25, Scalabrinians in Taiwan organized a seminar for overseas employed migrant fishers in Donggang Port in collaboration with FOSPI, Fishery Agency, and SIMN. We invited Mr. Yi-Hsien Chiu (Section Chief, Fishery Agency, COA) as a keynote speaker to talk about the regulations on the authorization and management of overseas employment of foreign crew. This is the first event of its kind held in Donggang fishing port. Over 100

Scalabrinians in the Neighborhoods of Cúcuta with RUMV Registration

More than 500 pre-registrations have been delivered, and appointments have been scheduled for the third biometric phase. And we continue touring the neighborhoods. Cúcuta, Colombia – March 25, 2022 – Since February, the Scalabrini Corporation has carried out an assisted pre-registration for the Temporary Protection Status for Venezuelans (ETPV), a state process to be able to regularize their immigration status in Colombia for 10 years. This pre-registration is the first phase of the process, ending with