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Fundación Scalabrini Participated in a Meeting Summoned by the Municipal Council of Arica

Arica, Chile, April 27, 2023. – Summoned by the Municipality of Arica, Fundación Scalabrini attended an emergency meeting on April 27 in the council room of the municipality. State agencies, migration management, civil society, and international organizations participated in the meeting. This meeting, convened by Mayor Don Gerardo Espinosa, was not only to share his concern about what is happening on the border between Arica and Tacna but also to talk about the actions carried

Report on the Gathering of Information on the Border Between Tacna, Peru, and Arica, Chile by the Fundación Scalabrini in Conjunction with IOM

Arica, Chile, April 21, 2023. – Dozens of families are waiting for the intervention of the states in the border section of the point of concord, they’re approximately 150 people who could be seen in that space, but it is known that the flows are variable, reaching up to 250 people in the same day. These people are from different nationalities, such as Venezuelan, Haitian, Colombian, single-parent families, and nuclear families with the presence of