Living Solidarity and Fraternal Love in Tragic Times of COVID-19 By Walking Together, We Will Succeed in Building Another Egalitarian World Without Borders!

Guatemala, May 25, 2020 – The Missionaries of San Carlos Scalabrinians, Casa del Migrante in Guatemala, in times of humanitarian crisis has put into practice; “La Casa Accompanies You in Your Home,” because we are living the joy of the Gospel by accompanying migrants and asylum seekers, from the humanitarian perspective of faith, to “accompany, welcome, protect and promote in times of COVID-19 the dignity and human rights, providing humanitarian and psychological aid.

In this sense, Pope Francis calls us to fraternal solidarity: “How difficult it is to stay at home for those who live in a small precarious house or who directly lacks a roof. How difficult it is for migrants and refugees, people deprived of liberty, or for those who carry out a healing process for addictions. You have to think about people, especially women, who multiply bread in community dining rooms, cooking with two onions and a package of rice a delicious stew for hundreds of children. I think of the sick, the elderly, the peasants and families who continue to work to produce healthy food without destroying nature, without hoarding it or speculating on the need of the people.”

The Pope invites us to change the current economic system, where the “selfishness of private interests and the temptation to return to the past are put to an end, with the risk of putting to the test the peaceful coexistence and development of the next generations; which carries the danger of the virus even worse, that of indifferent selfishness. It is time to eliminate inequalities, to repair the injustice that undermines the health of all humanity.”

The mission of living fraternal charity without borders, as a team of Scalabrinian Missionaries we work to accompany the most vulnerable during this terrible health crisis.

We prioritize three important elements: Adequate food, biosecurity kits, medications and Psychological First Aid; we know that mental health is essential to face any situation. We offer tools to minimize the anxiety caused by confinement and the emotional state that has been caused by the stress of the COVID-19 crisis.

So I want to express my closeness to all of you journalists, to the volunteers, to the people who live thanks to these projects and who are bringing many innovative ideas to light in these times.

The pandemic has made work difficult, but I am sure that you, street journalists, will return stronger than before. Looking at the poorest, these days can help us all be aware of what is really happening to us in a world of so many injustices against migrants and refugees. I give to all of you my message of encouragement and brotherly friendship. Thank you for the work you do, for the information you provide, and for the stories of hope you communicate.

Thank you very much, confining that new days of hope will be born. May God bless everyone.

Fr. Mauro Verzeletti, cs