The Non-Militarization of Borders and the Right to Migrate as a Human Right

Guatemala, October 23, 2018

  1. To the Government of Honduras, the immediate cessation of repression against the Honduran people fleeing poverty and violence on the border of Honduras and Guatemala. We strongly condemn the deployment of the military, the laying of electrocuted barbed wire and snipers.


  1. To the government of Guatemala, we condemn the exaggerated force through the Army and the PNC in the containment of migration flows. We demand the immediate release of national roads from the competent authorities for the movement of people and goods. No more violations violating the right to migrate and free movement, respect to the Migration Code.


  1. It is a crime against humanity to violate the superior right of children, adolescents and families. Children need urgent attention. Gentlemen, rulers of the nations, what future are you giving to our children and adolescents? They have the right to peace and dignity.


  1. To the government of Mexico that expedites the passage of migrants on the border, and the non-criminalization of the right to migrate and respect for due process.


  1. To the governments of Central America, recognize the situation of generalized violence and failed State policies.


  1. To the government of the United States to be quiet, because it has always financed corruption and impunity in these countries, supporting and putting governments aligned with their market interests, always forgetting the needs of the poor.

Finally, to all governments, respect for the right to international protection and guarantee for life and peace.

Fr. Mauro Verzeletti, cs