Corporación Scalabrini Program Benefits Fifty Entrepreneurs

Fifty entrepreneurs benefit from seed capital in Cúcuta.

Cúcuta, Colombia, July 10, 2023 – The delivery of the seed capital program to fifty entrepreneurs in the clothing, beauty, and services line was signed. Twenty-two for start-up projects and twenty-eight projects to strengthen businesses that, through follow-up by the entrepreneurship team, managed to channel the best businesses in Cúcuta and Villa del Rosario.

This is the result of intense training in different practical knowledge of the work environment that the region and the department need. It’s an inter-institutional work between the Corporación Scalabrini and its strategic allies, such as the Global Solidarity Fund, which finances these projects on the border and the Bogotá headquarters.

From the entrepreneurship and employability office of the Corporación Scalabrini at the Cúcuta headquarters, work has been done through institutional strengthening to continue with the integration of the refugee, the migrant, and the displaced in the border area.

All these entrepreneurs are graduates of the courses at our Scalabrini Training Center who first decided to train in the different knowledge to go a step further by starting a project or their own business.

In addition to the specific knowledge these brave women, who are mostly women whose destiny brought them to the border between Colombia and Venezuela, also received training in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, accounting and finance; and the services provided by the Scalabrini Training Center.

This economic support is delivered under the concept of seed capital, and it must to be used for the consolidated project in the business plan presented to the Coporación Scalabrini.