Free courses to Inhabitants of Scalabrinian Neighborhoods in Cúcuta, Colombia

Cúcuta, Colombia, January 22, 2019 – The Scalabrinian center in Cúcuta, together with SENA and cooperación alemana, will be offering free courses in mechanics and electricity of motorcycles. For the workshop offer, the Scalabrinians had a space inside Centro Piloto, which was adapted according to the technical specifications of the National Service of Learning (SENA), an organization that in turn will appoint an instructor and certify the training.

Approximately both courses will be taught in 8 weeks, from Monday to Friday with a daily intensity of 5 hours, punctuality and assistance are essential during the process, and each group must be composed of at least 35 people, of whom 70% must be victims of the armed conflict.

Let this be an opportunity for the people of the neighborhood to access institutional services within their own community, with the confidence that the donor organizations provide,” said Fr. Francesco Bortignon, who also invited the local population to come and sign up. In case the person is a Venezuelan citizen, he or she must have a stamped passport and the Special Permit of Permanence. (PEP)