“Free Wings” – Free Against Trafficking

Bogotá, July 31, 2019 – The day of the fight against human trafficking is commemorated on July 30 every year in the world, this year in Colombia the “Free Wings” campaign emerges from civil society organizations and academia, whose purpose is to promote visibility, dissemination, awareness and advocacy actions around the modalities and consequences of human trafficking, as a crime against human dignity. The Scalabrini Center for Migration joined this campaign to articulate efforts with other organizations, entities, and academia, the purpose being the protection of people, the claim of their rights and the safeguarding of the human dignity of those who are at risk or are victims/survivors of human trafficking.

With activities such as taking of public spaces, participation in academic spaces programmed by entities of the district order, meetings with the Ombudsman, UNDOC and municipal Committees for assistance to victims of trafficking, the agenda of the Week was developed.

As the main achievements of the articulation of organizations and academia since the campaign, the following can be mentioned: 1. Visibility of the crime, modalities, and reporting channels with migrants and host communities. 2. Creation of communication channels with bodies responsible for victim assistance and monitoring of compliance with public policy. 3. Sensitization in decision-making spaces against the social, economic and emotional vulnerability of migrants.