Entrepreneurship and Services Fair at the CIAMI of Villa del Rosario

Villa del Rosario, Colombia, December 1, 2023. – The Scalabrini Center CIAMI in Villa del Rosario had a successful day during its inaugural Entrepreneurship Fair. Entrepreneurs supported by the Scalabrini Corporation showcased their best creations and designs in fashion, as well as gastronomic, sublimation, and beauty products.

Corporación Scalabrini continues to support both migrant and local entrepreneurs in their journey to establish and advance their businesses in the commercial world. In addition to this first event organized by Corporación Scalabrini, integration actions into the economic and productive field for the migrant and displaced population are carried out through agreements and collaborations with entities promoting entrepreneurship and employability.

The Scalabrini Missionaries in Colombia express gratitude for the presence of each organization that accompanied them in offering services. The event saw significant participation of migrants and individuals facing vulnerability, receiving psychological care, general medicine, social work, nutrition, and legal consultation on regularization mechanisms and access to rights.

The actions undertaken by the Scalabrini Missionaries in Colombia are part of a coordinated effort with strategic partners, such as the German Cooperation for Development, the German Embassy – Germany in Colombia, Giz_Colombia through the SI FRONTERA / ProMIRE I and II Programs, aiming to positively impact the development and integration of host families who welcome migrants.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/redscalabrinicolombia/posts/pfbid024umuvhBDaaDCyDUWzoT3BNCBkx7B3eBWWdVtKZ6brkFNMBR7YXqRuP83jKEmE9tGl