Information Day # 28 «Integrating Families» in Breña

Lima, Peru, December 18, 2019 – The work of the team of the Center for Information and Orientation to the Venezuelan Migrant (CIOMVEN) of the Office of Pastoral of Human Mobility of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference continues, and on Sunday, December 15, the Center was invited to provide immigration advice in the Integrating Families Day No. 28, organized by the NGO Fuerza Venezolana en Acción and held at the Salesian Institute, located in the Breña district, in Lima.

Several international and local organizations participated in the conference providing services for Peruvians and foreigners, among others: free medical care, free HIV testing, information about the S.I.S., psychological support, immigration and labor counseling, information on human rights, free hair cut and manicure. The fair was also an occasion for partying and fun with activities for children, food delivery, dances and music in the spirit of Christmas.

On the day, 25 people were oriented on immigration and refugee subjects.

The Venezuelan Migrant Information and Orientation Center (CIOMVEN), an agency of the Pastoral of Human Mobility of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference, works jointly with the Saint Charles Scalabrinian Missionaries Association and with the support of volunteers from the Italian NGO Progettomondo.mlal. This activity takes place within the framework of the Bridges of Solidarity Project of the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Vatican.