Services Day for the Migrant Population

Cúcuta, March 23, 2023 – In a day where services to the migrant, refugee and host population were provided, Corporacion Scalabrini supported the Cúcuta Mayor’s Office with its “Sowing Migration” strategy, along with different organizations that assist in the immigration regularization process.

On this occasion, Scalabriniams arrived with other partners from the strategy at the community’s hall of the Guadalupe neighborhood. This is a vulnerable area of the city in which a large part of its residents do not have access to regulatory processes.

The attendees received health, education, productive inclusion and protection services. The Missionaries of Saint Charles Scalabrinians provided psychosocial and legal services.

From the legal area, the Venezuelan population, children of Colombian parents who can access Colombian nationality, as well as asylum seekers, who in most cases are people who do not meet the requirements to access temporary protection status, were assisted.

Likewise, legal processes are being carried out such as petition rights, verification of PPT processes – Temporary Protection Permit, which will issue the document; as well as a release of proof that indicates that they have already complied with the stages of the process, but they have not claimed this permit from Migración Colombia.

During the day, the psychology area provided guidance by identifying people with protection needs and who requested accommodation to direct them to the temporary shelters operated by the Scalabrinians. In addition, support was provided in the prevention of risks associated with migration, violence based on gender, prevention of exploitation and abuse; as well as referrals to other specialized institutions in the identified cases.

The professionals of Coporación Scalabrini who provide services not only in the neighborhoods, are supported by the European Union in Colombia, German Embassy in Colombia through the German Development Cooperation with the SI FRONTERA/ProMiRe II Program of the strategic partner GIZ.