SIMN Hosted the Civil Society Preparation for the International Migration Review Forum (IMRF)

New York, May 16, 2022 – Organized by the Civil Society Action Committee, hosted by SIMN, and supported by ICMC and ICNL, the Civil Society Preparation for the Internacional Migration Review was held at SIMN’s headquarters in New York on May 15, 2022.

The event gathered around 80 civil society representatives from around the world and many more online to discuss what has been done in the last four years of the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration. Participants took part in the IMRF Civil Society Preparatory Day (CSPD). The CSPD’s objective was to share and consolidate the key civil society joint inputs and points of engagement for the IMRF.

Civil society representatives talked about the deteriorating situation for migrants around the world, suggesting the Global Compact for Migration has been a failure. Violence at Europe’s borders and deaths at sea continue to happen.

In 2018, the Scalabrini Migration Study Centers members of SIMN released the Second International Policy Report on the Global Compact for Safe, Oderly, and Regular Migration. This report was supposed to set forth important policy ideas to guide the Compact’s implementation and highlighted the work of faith-based organizations in promoting its success.