SIMN’s Contribution: Sharing Experiences and Best Practices to Combat Human Trafficking at the UN

New York, March 14, 2024.- The Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) showcased expertise and partnership capability at the UN Headquarters in New York City, with Executive Director Márcio Toniazzo being featured as a guest speaker on “Innovative Partnerships to End Trafficking in Women and Girls” – a discussion happening alongside the 68th Session of the commission on the Status of women.

The Permanent Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations, the Republic of the Philippines, and the Santa Marta Group hosted key stakeholders, experts, and advocates, including long-standing high-impact advocates from the fields of law, law enforcement and migrant care to share insights and strategies aimed for addressing the urgent issue of trafficking in vulnerable populations.

SIMN contributed its wealth of experience and best practices in combating human trafficking, particularly in the context of women and girls within migrant shelters. With a focus on innovative partnerships and collaborative approaches, SIMN showcased successful initiatives that have effectively prevented trafficking, supported survivors, and led to the prosecution of traffickers.

Through its global network of organizations and partners, SIMN has developed comprehensive strategies that address the root causes of trafficking while empowering survivors to rebuild their lives with dignity and support.

“We are all often asked to “look for the signs”. But when migrants come to us they are understandably afraid. Away from home, their friends and family, and feeling extremely vulnerable – with no access to healthcare, shelter, employment or rest – how can we expect victims to volunteer useful information?,” stated Fr. Márcio Toniazzo, Executive Director of SIMN.

“Innovative Partnerships to End Trafficking in Women and Girls” provided a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and action, with the goal of generating concrete solutions and a true commitment to combat trafficking. SIMN looks forward to contributing to this important conversation and advancing collective efforts to end human trafficking in all its forms.